Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

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Feliz bone-head plays for the half= 2
Nobody wants to hear it, but we have to cut him some slack. He's in a situation where he's being asked to do too much. His value comes with coming off the bench to give quick bursts of energy. His role got changed to having to be productive for 25 to 30 minutes today.

It's an unfortunate circumstance. Let's keep plugging away.
So far, Illini have played well but the difference is home rims and home crowd energy...and shortage of Ayo power outage.
Winged Warrior
Yeah, Ayo's length would be a huge difference in this game.
We are going to shoot 30 threes tonight. Thats actually inexcusable and Underwood should be blasted for it. During this 4 game losing streak we have lost our identity
When we get good looks we gotta hitvem. Dre and AG hit but Tev and TF missed. I if the fed GB n the post

Tev open. Miss . Cant win doing that
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