Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

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I'm pretty sure I am done gents. I cant take the D looking this bad constantly

But I will say, you see what Peters is able to do with his feet, imagine if we had a veteran IW in there or Spann in a few years.
They have a fumble recovered for a TD, a number of TFL/sacks, holding Wisconsin to 2.8 yards a carry. I think they front is playing pretty good.
Maybe I am watching a different game, but that dude has all evening to through the ball.
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BU:1 Trash cans:0
Is it just me or does it seem like we're not even trying to win this game?
Just gonna watch Barnes the rest of the game
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I’d like to thank the wise members of the Missouri legislature for keeping online betting illegal so I didn’t bet the beach house on that sweet fat 20 point spread.
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North Bethesda, Maryland
So, Chicago isn’t far...can Mertz be ready for the next Bears game?
He didn’t break the record for consecutive completions at least. Small victories.
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Without Peters we don’t beat mich state or Wisconsin last year. Additionally, his effort play that was incorrectly called is what I remember from the BOWL game. But nah, he’s way worse than the defensive backs. Especially his running plays...
Alternatively with an average B10 QB the team has better season start to finish.

The defense hasn’t played well but this NCAA. All but the very best defenses give up a lot of yards and points. LSU loaded on D with 5 and 4 star players and a NC winning coaching staff is giving up 30 points and 400+ yards per game.

Expecting the defense to play like they’re Clemson to win a game is overly protective of the QB situation. This isn’t the NFL; 30 points plus per game is the norm.
Wow he threw to someone else...
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