Game Thread: Illinois vs Eastern Michigan

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Who else can’t wait for the Rees Woodcock article about how young we are and how we’re still rebuilding
If juice 2.0 doesn’t go in the 2nd half I’ll have loss a lot of faith in Lovie. Quit pushing back the inevitable and get the best guy in there. I’m tired of looking at Peters deushy face in there
Fire everyone. You don't need 5 star recruits to limit stupid mistakes and manage the clock competently. Burn it down again.
Little Rock, Arkansas
If we lose to EMU and don’t go bowling (even if it’s the “terrifying 5-7 scenario”) Lovie should be gone.

We are beating ourselves with penalties and bad clock management. Penalties means a lack of discipline which is all on the coaches.

That means it won’t get better even if we have a senior laden team.

If we don’t bowl, this game decides Lovie’s future here.
I try to avoid criticizing the players. But our coaches just demonstrated complete inability to manage the clock at the end of the half. I’m ok with a college player getting confused or flustered, but those coaches have a lot of experience at the highest level of the sport. They are well paid to do a job, and they did not do their job well.
I prefer to think they purposely did the weird clock management thing to set up a scenario that would allow Reggie Corbin to run to the right, cut left, juke back towards the middle, cut back out left and take it to the house. It almost worked too!

Y’all are bashing Rod Smith. He’s just next level.
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