Game Thread: Illinois vs Eastern Michigan

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Peters will not win you this game, that's pretty obvious. I don't think that will hold true for the whole season, but he's WAY off today.

If they keep him in, the only way they win is stout defense and a defensive or special teams score. Try One.
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Peters is our QB. He will bring us back with a victory today. The coaching is suspect and we've got some dumb players making dumb penalties, but we will eek this one out or the wheels will fall off again.
Okay, look... I get it.... Peters is only going to look at one receiver. But the double whammy here is I’m not sure why the receiver he’s looking at is running a 12 yard out route on a 3rd and 16.
3rd and 16 backed up on our side of the 50. Same thing as running a draw play. Coaches don’t trust Peters to F up making a dumb throw for the first
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Score Defense, you're our only hope.
Alright, this one is pretty close to being done.
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