Game Thread: Illinois vs Eastern Michigan

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Wow can't even make tackles anymore. All he did was tried to make a tackle and the receiver lowered his head.
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This offseason needs to lead to some sort of revelation about these stupid targeting calls among refs. How can you play defense when you have to constantly be thinking about that, even though part of the time it is because of them lowering their heads? I know this one got overturned, but this is nuts.
This is getting pretty effing ridiculous...

We CANNOT have these crappy drives on offense if we’re going to let them march all over the field on us on defense...
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This guy gonna have a career day against us. Smh.

If we don't run the ball...and the clock....we are in trouble.
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Gee...I wonder how the offense...who's strength is the O line and running the ball.....could help out the defense?

Man...what a pickle. I can't think of anything.

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Expectations were quite low last week for their QB - he outperformed expectations, but was not outstanding.
semantics. Our defensive makes opposing QB's play better than they probably are. I think that's a serious issue and something that'll be our downfall, imo.
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Great play clalling. Stop the clock. Get your QB killed. Brilliant.
Oh no.... Peters really doesn't see those guys coming, even on the strong side
Our defense looks like crap today.
Today? Illinois has not had a TEAM defense for years. One or two good players a year that carry what load they can. No one fears coming to Champaign, quite the opposite. Good teams chalk up an easy win while every jr college up has a real shot at a win. This is not news, and not changing soon. Quit drinking the kook aid kids.
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I guess that's one way to force the OC to run the ball.....dead QB.
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