Game Thread: Illinois vs Eastern Michigan

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Nice play by Peters ... ugly, but smart
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Rod Smith setting the offense up for failure two weeks straight. He even admitted it himself after last week. The coaching is suspect at best right now. No discipline and terrible play calls.
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I’m okay with seeing IW...Peters isn’t doing it right now. Gotta settle him down for a series. Hopefully the D can get a turnover.
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Peters needs a halftime break...
Peters looks a little rattled after that big hit. I wouldn't mind seeing I Williams for a change of pace.
I know this is an unpopular view, but I don't think IW is going to run this offense well at this point.
EMU getting pressure on D and our D can't seem to get any. Some attitude adjustments needed at halftime.
Lovie needs to hire a DC and let him run his D.
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Woods had been playing really well, I think his absence is allowing more attention to Wole.
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