Game Thread: Illinois vs Florida Atlantic

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They look terrible. What is wrong with this team.
Ok - we are way too far into the season for this team to be looking like they are still trying to figure out the offense.

This team is constantly thinking out there and there is no flow to our offense - its really WAAAAAAAYYYYY too scripted IMO for this team. We need more of a 'general concept' offense rather than mapped out step by step instructions. Step by step helps weaker skilled teams compete, but it hinders natural athletes.

We need to go to ducky horsey pictures. And could someone tell AJ he needs to get the Arc back on his shot? He starts the season high and then gets lower and lower as it goes on.
I've tried to remain optimistic and think we just aren't playing well, but we just aren't good. Even if we win, we stinks.
Guys are also driving past him like he's standing still.

And for what it's worth...there's a lot of rebounds to go around today.
Why is there space behind him?

And how does 23% of a lot of rebounds go to one guy who plays 4 minutes or 4% of the teams playing time?

Cover his back and let him get the damn ball for you.
Not open for further replies.