Game Thread: Illinois vs Florida Atlantic

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Based on the box score, I'm glad that BTN+ is garbage and I couldn't watch because my account is locked and their support wouldn't respond to my emails and the automated emails to reset never showed up.
I'm not sure there isn't some intramural team that could beat these guys right now.
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Tevian needs to take Kippers spot as soon as he's available. Why, do our 4s/5s have to walk from the free throw line to get the ball to take it out of bounds? Shouldn't they be fighting under the defensive boards already?
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I've never seen a team regress so badly over the course of a season with everyone of importance actually staying healthy. It's inexplicable and inexcusable, really. I'd like to say that this is what rock bottom feels like but everytime I say that Illinois basketball says, "Hold my beer!".
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I just looked at who FAU played....OMG. makes this even more pathetic
SHMACK!!! call is the best thing about this game for sure.
I have no idea what the dribble weave handoff does besides waste the first 13 second of the shot clock.
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What has happened to Damonte?? I had such high hopes for him this year
We are so deliberate in our passing that I don't know how other teams don't pick off 15 passes a game.
Illini need to find shooters with edge. We have no confidence......Im afraid we are regressing from what we looked like in Maui. If BU had delivered on his commitments...swagger, 7 second offense, winning, adaptive and stifling defense, yada, yada....I think we would be good. Whatever systems he has are not being executed, are not effective or all of the above. Frustrating. We may pull this out....but we are ugly to watch, unlike last year.
BU probably not the right kind of coach for a young team. Tightens athletes instead of nurturing them. No confidence tight now. Hopefully we get it back.
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Looks like one of the worst losses in program history en route to the worst season in program history
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I honestly can't believe what I'm watching.
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