Game Thread: Illinois vs Grand Canyon

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If GCU was the Jackalopes, that would be really cool. Way better than just an antelope.

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We are playing sloppy. It's also frustrating when we have a 3 on 1 fast break and we don't use it to our advantage by making a pass. Whoever is leading always just takes it to the rim
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I was getting tired of hearing myself crunching chips....
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Doesn't sound like we are taking care of business, just treading water. Of course, we have been off for a week. So, looking forward to half time adjustments.
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Tough defense, Trent trying too hard, Christmas hangover.
Well they got me for another 10 bucks. I won't be satisfied with just radio and my imagination. Let's get another W fellas!
Sorry, I just can't see paying 10 bucks for one game. I did pay earlier this year to see the November games.

I already pay 10 per month for the B1G Network and now they want me to pay another 10 to see one game...not happening, no matter how much I love the orange and blue.
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AAAAAHHHHHHH! Audio is out of control!!
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