Game Thread: Illinois vs Indiana

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Winged Warrior
Why does corn in Illinois lean to the West?

Because Iowa sucks and Indiana blows!

Go illini!
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.....whoa. You got it bassackwards. The corn in Illinois leans to the east because Indiana sucks and Iowa blows.
I think now I know how to explain crop circles with all of the different teams that either such or blow around us. Although I was having trouble with teams to the due west, southwest, south and southeast. Then it hit me. Missery, Kentucky, Louisville and North Carolina, back to Indiana . . . and here we go again.

But to quote the late Al Davis: JUST WIN, BABY.
Not to distract from our game, but I was taking in the first half of the wisky-iowa game before this.
This would be a great tutorial video for Giorgi on how Happ took care of double and triple teams from iowa and kept his cool by finding his outlets.
Just saying.
Not open for further replies.