Game Thread: Illinois vs Indiana

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Right now IU is winning the battle on the boards very easily. Illini not doing well at the line at all.
Love our overall team make up and think we can definitely reach sweet 16 or elite 8....but, not if we continue to be this inconsistent from the free throw line
Billings, MT
I hope that's the spark that ignites the fire for Giorgi..
Every game we play no matter who it is or where it is becomes a grind it out white knuckle hold your breath nail biting afraid to watch spectacle.
This has to be the worst rebounding game for us this season... really losing that battle
Again, I think we have to give IU some credit there. They are more athletic than us in the front court. That said, the guards have to start helping out.
M tipping over
I guess the refs are letting them play. Them meaning IU.
It's not a foul if it's a layup, I guess...maybe the NCAA changed the rules late season.

EDIT: Sorry, it can't be a defensive foul.
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