Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

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Giorgi goes for 40. Ayo puts up 25. Frazier hits 7 3's. Jordan with 10 steals, 4 blocks, 2 technicals but doesn't get ejected b/c of swagger. Feliz gets a breakaway steal, loses a shoe and slams his 1st dunk of the year....and one. Illini by 250 points tonight boys. Write it down :cool:
I will settle for a one possession game in the last minute.....but don't expect it to be that close...Iowa should control the whole game.

But if Ayo shows up with energy and aggressive (and competent) play, Trent hits 6 threes, Feliz finds Giorgi open a half dozen times, and Giorgi plays 34 minutes....all bets are off. If Damonte hits double digits the Illini will win in a walk.
BTT needs to change the format. The first four have just too much adv.

Where are you guys? And what have you been drinking?
If the teams playing on Wednesday don't like it, don't finish 11th-14th. Finishing top 4 in a 14 team league is a hard thing to do and they're rewarded for it.

I believe the ACC and SEC have the same format.
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Have a terrible feeling about this one based on previous recent games with Iowa. BUT it is March and things get crazy. So, maybe?
This is going to be a tough one. I mentioned in another thread that I don't think Iowa is particularly good, but their strengths really expose our weaknesses.

We really struggle with physical teams. If we can't keep them off the glass, this is going to be a rough one.

Our fans struggle with us playing against physical teams too. The referees being blamed and being the reason we're losing should be in full effect at about page 6 of this game thread.

Hey, at least Steve Bardo is safe for being blamed in this one! He's generally on the hit list too.
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