Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

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Northeast Iowa
Getting schooled by Iowa while living around tons of Hawkeye fans is actually one of the worst feelings of all time.
I Loathe Iowa with a passion more than I loathe Bruce Pearl. I wish every single sanction every thought of was brought down on this team from Iowa, and that still would not be enough for how much I simply hate this team. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a severe hatred for any team nearly as much as I hate those stupid Hawkeyes.
Pretty simple now....they not only have better coaching but bigger, smarter, and more skilled the very least tonight. Fat lady is singing.
We’ve got to keep replacing our mid major talent with big 10 players. Recruit better, please.
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Well let’s see how creatively we can foul Mccaffrey from this point on!!!!!
Winged Warrior
You're not going to beat a team that passes out of double teams that well and then shoots lights out....only against us.
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Winged Warrior
Seriously has that been all year?

lol nevermind...
Skip worries about size, almost every team we play gets whatever 3 point shots they want because our defense over extends. That & our help defense is horrific because we watch the ball and not ball and man
It's exactly like last night, giving up tons of wide open 3s. We just got lucky last night that Northwestern was cold. Not the case tonight. Also those offensive rebounds are killing us. Hopefully Kofi can help solve that problem next year.

Also, I've never seen an Illinois team that so consistently falls apart in the second half. Not good.
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