Game Thread: Illinois vs Lewis (Exhibition)

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Illinois has 4 games on BTN+ this season, the pay online service. Only 1 month of BTN+ service is required this season for Illini Basketball.

Lewis (Nov. 1st)
Nicholls St (Nov. 5th)
Hampton (Nov. 23rd)
Lindenwood (Nov. 26th)

$9.95 per month, select Illinois, and don't auto-renew so you use it only 1 month if you only use it for the Illini Basketball games.
Three guard lineup with feliz starting. Interesting.

Put your best five on the floor to start?
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My first year on btn plus! Does everyone else have the blue screen with the clock right now?
Also, there’s a 100% chance I forget to cancel this.
You can 'uncheck' auto monthly renew (at least when you sign up- i would assume you can still change this)
I’m really interested to see how our definition of “vanilla” changes with the returning experience. How many sets are just basic plays now, that maybe weren’t last year? How many basic options will we see just out of the base spread, that maybe we couldn’t execute properly last year.
BTN really should use their overflow channels. This is silly. 8:05 and still no game.
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