Game Thread: Illinois vs Lindenwood

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Really, what is the point of scheduling a game with a D2 team at this stage of the season just prior before some big games with Miami and Big Ten opponents? Make's no sense.
Even if the team isn’t 100% disciplined during their offensive sets can we really say a game is good or bad to schedule? I mean so many factors can go either way during any game.

Playing a weak opponent and blowing them out can help our guys’ morale. Maybe shooters who have been struggling can gain something from seeing the ball go in.

The opposite can be true too. We could struggle against a bad team or have a guy get injured and come away worse than we were before.

It’s so unpredictable.
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Trent hits his fifth 3 of the night. Think his shooting "slump" might be over.
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Verdonk has a good frame and looks mobile...he could be a good one with some experience
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