Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

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You gotta think the lights and history of MSG is gonna bring out some passion in these guys. Lets GO!
Herndon, VA
I can taste that terrapin soup now!! With some sriracha sause tossed in to kick it up a notch!! GO O&B!!
Morrison, CO
Like Tev's aggressiveness on the offensive end. We have too many guys that seem to be afraid of scoring.
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Man no question the freshmen should play big minutes the rest of the season. Underwood needs to give these kids leadway to play and learn. Being on the bench is not helping!!!
Did the announces just say that Maryland is one of the youngest teams in the country.? That's no a good omen.
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This offense is terrible, no flow, just hand the ball off. No one else moving. Also a terrible lineup.
What’s the point of playing Adonis? The season is lost. Play Samba
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Yes, they are something like 352 out of 355 in D1 as far as youngest.

Half of their scholarship players are FR. Their 8 man rotation consist of 5 1st year players 2 sophomores and 1 junior. Fernando is a Soph but the same age as Giorgi.
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