Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

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We really seem like we've been a step slower tonight. Maryland has had some open looks that we normally wouldn't give a team.
AYO falling apart this game.. To much pressure for this team.. They need an empty arena.. or to be on the road.. We aren't ready to win a championship.. Maybe next year if the whole team comes back.. Lets just pray that this team doesn't lose the next 3 games as well...
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Disappointing to say the least. Not Brad's best game. Can't blame him for missing free throws and throwing the ball away. And MD is really, really good. Tough to lose at home, but this team has surprised me more than once. Looking forward to the next one.
Maybe relaxed after that opening lead? Then when Maryland popped back, as good teams do, they weren't ready
All our late game magic early on really regressing to the mean now ☹
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It turned with the refs tonight. We don't do well in tightly called games. They called a ton of iffy fouls against us tonight and that's where it went sour. We fell behind and made bad decisions.

EDIT: and the fact that we can't beat a zone d to save our lives.
Poor shooting night from the floor and the line. Mental lapses at critical times.
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Team loss. Ayo was horrid tonight and was the leading scorer. A wide range of good and bad tonight. Go get the next one. It's coming up fast!
We panicked, quit moving the ball... Williams hit two threes...they guarded him..we did not adjust. Wild drives to the hoop all second half
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