Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

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here's to us and those like us
Wichita, KS
Our head coach said we are a young team and it's showing.
Yep we are going to get blown out if we do not guard it is going to get ugly fast
Get someone else in who wants to play... sloppy shots so many bricks and turnovers
A Legend in My Own Mind
Montgomery, IL
This is pathetic.
Frazier needs to not be playing anymore. He wasn't a factor against the soft teams on the schedule, now he's trying to be and there's nothing there. Dribble, dribble, dribble....lousy shot or turnover. Then, on the defensive end he can't keep anyone in front of him.
This is literally awful.... looks like we really came to play... we should not come out like this at home.. burning 2 timeouts in 6 minutes... and down by 16..
Confused. This offense looks stonewalled they’re playing simple man to man. Some get firing or we are toast
Not open for further replies.