Game Thread: Illinois vs Miami

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Kofi has been open 3 times under the basket and we dribble around without even noticing. We are not very smart. You can't fix stupid!!
Miami realized we can’t shoot a 3 and they’re going to play that up hard. Gotta make some shots
How's this for an idea. When you drive to the hoop, make sure you take the ball with you! This crap is crap!!!
Glad we ditched the pressure D, right? I'm beginning to suspect that the problem may be something else.
I havent seen a 10 minutes like this from Illini basketball ever.
Booooooo....our offense has Kofi at the pinch post..he needs to be down low where he can do some damage
Carryover performance from our showing on the gridiron? I mean, have we had a defensive stop at all? Pathetic.
BU:1 Trash cans:0
Nearly a turnover a minute. Doing nothing to disrupt Miami's offensive flow. Sure-fire recipe for a loss.
Why do I torture myself being an Illini fan for football and basketball. My toes are still froze from the football game, and this is not warming them up

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Between this first half and Saturday’s game, I’m questioning my Illini fan hood.

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Sad, sad show of effort. Looks like we don't even care.
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Better coach? Just don’t know how to feel positive when we are excited about only being down 17.
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