Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan State

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Illinois vs Michigan State
6:30pm CT

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It's a head injury for Mike LaTulip. He's unavailable for the #Illini tonight.

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Illini wearing the 2015 white jerseys today, which in my opinion are the ugliest thing to come out of the Nike re-brand
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What a long week without a game! Sweep of MSU sounds good to me!!

Today's Krush target: Tom Izzo @ThisistheIZZONE

Surprised that we're home dogs--need this one (but so do they). Expecting a big game from Ray.

Jaylon Tate
Kendrick Nunn
Malcolm Hill
Leron Black
Nnanna Egwu
Starks has played well as of late. I would not be surprised if he has one of his biggest games of the season.
Huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge game...
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Where was that foul?

Couldn't see anything on replaying it. Here we go, 11 seconds in.
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