Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

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refs AND Rafferty should give back their paychecks for this game (at least for the first half so far)
Overall with 5-8 giveaways (turnovers/bad shots/wasted possessions), not bad against #2. I fear the 2nd half however...Ayo won't end up with 38, and Frazier better end up with 16 or so. Otherwise, not good against Beilein, he will adjust.

Keep operating through Giorgi....this may work to our advantage later. BU is adjusting to his players and getting away from the a shot every 7 seconds type of mentality. This is working by changing some game planning...once we get going with some better athletes and mobile bigs, the shot per 7 seconds along with this type of offense combined might give us some real flexibility and competitiveness agains teams.
Not much to argue with in first half besides refs. Great effort. Giorgi has to stop the threes. Rafft is correct we don’t convert turnovers enough. Would still like to see more tevian despite him getting blown by - but most of our perimeter guys do that routinely.
Not open for further replies.