Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

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I expected more from Feliz and Damonte this year. Minimal contrbutions. Trent.. I don't get..think there is not enough scoring threats on floor which allows defense to help on him. We are teetering..DLR bucket mot pretty but keeps us in neighborhood
Agree, neither has been close to a dependable jump shooter....and especially Damonte has that talent but needs to become automatic. Not sure why he is missing so many as well as passing up opportunities but Illini sure need him to step it up and soon. We will need him in star mode next year. He plays smart and does many things well, but many of his good plays go unrewarded by blunders of his teammates. Highest BBIQ on the team but maybe lowest in self-confidence/image. No need for that....he has star abilities.
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Michigan plays with such poise and precision. they have a lot of contributors. Everything is crisp and quick - even against us - we excel at making sharp teams look sloppy. They are fun to watch.
We take more awkward shots than any team in country.. particularly kipper...we need better offense...this offense does not get people open shots...or maybe we just don't have enough talent. The Giorgi pinch post handoff should go to cellar
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Seriously, I don't want to be too doom and gloom because this team is freaking close. Imagine the difference in this game Kofi and January would make. Even as freshman. Teskue sp? would not be dominating like this.
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