Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

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The announcer just used the phrase "Illinois passing attack." I'm not sure he's watching the same game I am.
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Are we going to ignore that the last Michigan td pass had their right tackle 5 yds down the field? RPO’s kill the game of football
I have no idea how Whitman allowed Lovie to make the decisons he did regarding coaching positions but in the end it will be Lovie's undoing. Don't know how soon it will happen.
Well, it’s a decent day outside and Red River is getting juicy. I think I’ll save the ending for tomorrow.
There isn’t a single unit outside of punter that we are even ok at. How after four years of coaching does that happen?
Announcers in the last two minutes of game play:
“That was terrible”

Sadly, they are almost being kind at this point.

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I should ask my company for a $4 million to underperform. They would probably send me for drug testing for asking that question.
Regardless of personnel, does this team in any way whatsoever look prepared? It honestly looks like we showed up to a test we just remembered the night before and we’re making the best of it.

Whitman, I support you 110%, man, but if this - or, more likely, Wisconsin - becomes a TRUE embarrassment ala Iowa last year or the infamous 2005 PSU disaster ... just end this thing! This isn’t even about our pathetic record anymore. :(

EDIT: Also, I’m truly astonished other teams’ fans, let alone our own, ever knock our fans for their support. When you really think about it, and you consider what we’re presented with, it’s amazing this many people keep showing up every week! Tens of thousands for this??
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It just gets worse every week. It’s unbelievable to me how a professional coaching staff can have a team so consistently unprepared. Zero first downs and Going to surrender 300 yards before halftime?!

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I think the announcer Greg McElroy feels sorry for us. He was a QB at Alabama, and has probably never seen anything like this. The announcers must be saying ugly things about Illinois when there are commercial breaks. It's like a car wreck.....I want to look away, I want to change the channel, but i care too much.
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