Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan

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Well, that's that, Mattress Man.
Generally this would be the point that everything collapses as they score 2 extremely easy touchdowns. Would be happy to see a change now.

Hahaha. I was thinking the same thing. I told my friend not to get excited, it will be 42-25 soon
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I’m probably wrong but I assumed Isaiah was the 2nd string or at least by end of season would be, talent wise
There’s not a point this season where Isaiah has been listed or played before Matt.

Shammond Cooper is significantly more talented than Delano Ware but that doesn’t make him a heavy rotational player.
Might not be popular but I don’t think IW is a QB. They should put him in the slot and get him on the field.
He definitely has the football talent, but didn’t look great today or much this season. I’d love to see him utilized in a non-QB position as well

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Dre Brown for president! DeKalb Barbs, after 49-14 drubbing of Naperville North, are now 3-1 in the tough Dupage Valley Conference. Go Dre, former Barb, go Illini.
Nice to see the old married man getting playing time.
And we saw why today. He's just an athlete freelancer at this stage.
Agreed with emphasis on the “at this stage”. People keep treating him like something it’s not and it’s a huge disservice to the kid. He’s a huge talent but with a big hill to climb, there’s nothing wrong with leaving it at that.
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