Game Thread: Illinois vs Minnesota

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2:30pm CT
Live Stats

Overflow alert, check the BTN Game Finder if you're having trouble finding the game-

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Chicago, IL
Is there like something wrong with YouTube TV? I can't get the game to work.
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St. Louis
I have sling TV and it's not working for me either.
looking for one play where we are within 2 yds from the receiver...
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Eifler looks like he’d be a good linebacker with a flashy play here and there, but he’s a detriment to this defense
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Is there like something wrong with YouTube TV? I can't get the game to work.
I had to download the Fox Sports app and find it through that. Watching it with no issues now. I had the same issue with it sitting and spinning on the overflow channel.
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A lot of things about this year have been unpredictable. But that we'd be in our 3rd B1G game of the season at 2:30 and barely anyone would care (as demonstrated by the lack of engagement here)...woof.
3rd down defense optional
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Delano ware’s a d2 starting lb. Get Barnes in there at mid and put Hanson back at his spot from last yr
Thanks for the link. Got it to work on Firefox... just in time to see a Gopher touchdown. Oh well.
Calvin Avery may be one of the biggest 4 star busts this program has ever had. His technique is terrible and he is still horribly out of shape. It's really sad because his freshman year had sparks of a future NFL player.
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