Game Thread: Illinois vs Missouri

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Push the tempo and we get back into the game. Let’s see how long we can keep it up


Giorgi is such an old school, YMCA, Drive you nuts post player, love it!
Winged Warrior
We have to keep the tempo up. We are wearing them down.
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These Illini kids seem to have no idea how to get the ball in the post to Giorgi.....and whose fault is that?
Iowa City
Of all the nice things in stadiums now, do we really just have a printed off banner to cover the scorers table?
I almost forgot Nichols was playing

Almost was about to say the same about Ayo.

Potential foul there on Tilmon over the back bump on Giorgi; it would have been cheap, but it would have up for many missed calls.
My word. Trent is a freaking beast. He is going to go down as an Illini legend; that point is almost moot, even at this juncture.
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