Game Thread: Illinois vs Missouri

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Not going to win many games with Damonte and Frazier on the floor no offense with those terds. Jones will transfer out after this year should be playing Griffin and Jones more.
Getting real old getting beat by players we don't think meet Underwood's expectations. Really old and when is enough enough.
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This is the worst half of offensive Illini basketball I've ever seen. And I lived through all of Weber's tenure.
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c'mon miracle comeback DOOOODZ
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Just go back and watch the pre game interview videos and listen to the lack of emotion about this game from Ayo, Giorgi, etc. They are not into this game AT ALL.

Zero emotion, terrible effort, terrible shooting.

If you need a friggin' head coach to get you up for this's 100% on you.
So what will tomorrow be in practice? Back to 6th grade and lay ups? Pathetic
When it's a couple of players sucking, you blame the players. When it's the whole team you have to look at the coach first.
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