Game Thread: Illinois vs Missouri

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Winged Warrior
Lol...ok here's my final Percentage of Blame TPS Report....

79% Players fault
20% Coaches fault
.2% Refs fault
.2% Announcers sucking fault
.1% This game televised on SEC network fault
.2% Cheerleaders stealing our thunder fault
.3% Little girl forced to clean floor fault
I thought we had turned the corner, and were going to have a complete game today maybe win by 10. Glad I got some Gray Goose this morning. They almost have more turnovers than points in the second half.
Yeah, I don’t see why this is the coaches fault.
The players are the one’s playing like they partied all night and are hung over.
They also deviate from the coaches game plan sometimes when they’re losing or a team disrupts them more than normal.
I guess underwood could sit all the starters, but not since Brad Stevens have i seen a coach sit all the starters for playing under par.
Our half court game was not working BU could adjust. .
Disappointing losses like this have become a pattern-coaching. Absolutely no excuse to lose this game to a BAD team
This is year 3 ppl, this is no longer blaming talent or players. You have to beat bad teams. This Missouri team is bad... 8-4 will not get it done with only 1 good win going into January.
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