Game Thread: Illinois vs Nebraska

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I have the sound off. What was the penalty against Illinois?

Edit: nevermind, I see it was reversed.
Also this is why we weren’t content with a 7 point lead. A shootout doesn’t favor us. Our offense is prone to sputter and our defense gives up chunk plays making this the the likely outcome of every Nebraska drive going forward—ESPECIALLY given that they’re going for it on forth if they get past the 50
Tolono, IL
Are we in need of another NCAA rule change due to referee incompetence during an Illini game? Sheeeeesssshhhh
Oswego, IL
Somebody mentioned Stampley always drops the big passes a couple of weeks ago, well...
Feels like any magic we had going has faded...except on punts. Where would we be without our kickers??
I’m going to defer to the rules analyst and announcers who all disagree with you. That was a horrible reversal of a call (and since when can they reverse calls after the fact?)
The rules analyst clearly stated that block is allowable by rule, so....

Already acknowledge that calling it and then uncalling it was bizarre.
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