Game Thread: Illinois vs Nebraska

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Winged Warrior
With Peters at QB...this should be a 70-30 run/pass ball control offense with Corbin getting 30 touches per game. Two and three play TD drives are fun highlights, but our D will not survive these games.
Yep, handing off to Corbin every play isn't going to work.
DC Area
More 3 yard runs by Corbin and a 3rd down pass. Corbin has averaged about 3 yards a run since his first two runs at the start of the game. Not a good way to move down the field.
We also had 2 downs. Run in third and fourth
The sounds coming from the stadium/ stands tell you everything. It’s become an odd, familiar Illini whine/ moan mix
Normal, Illinois
Well, Notre Dame-Georgia is exciting again. Sure would be nice to watch the Illini in a good, close game for an entire 60 minutes, but it looks like that won't be the case this year.
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