Game Thread: Illinois vs Nebraska

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I think it will be close throughout the first half. By the 14 min mark second half we begin to pull away and win by 12-14. The crowd will be very loud.
New York
Wow, he’s one of their most important guys.
Grand Island Ne
Lets crush them. I don't want to be sweating out a close one with the Huskers.
I think they will be doubling Kofi and daring us to shoot the 3. Kofi needs to be looking for cutters and open shooters.

I am predicting a big game from Trent and a final score of 78-62 good guys.
South Carolina
Seldom do the W's come as easily as we want them. I'm predicting a slow start due to the layoff.

ILL 70
NEB 63

Yet, I'm hoping for a 24-pt blow out!
I know A G will be in the top 5 in minutes but i wish he was starting but him and Feliz are solid either way so it doesnt really matter t gyess a 6'3'' forward is ok tonight but has to be addressed imo
Its a head game with GB right now. We just needs to make some bunnies and he'll be back. While he may not be as good as he's played in the past, he's not this bad either.
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