Game Thread: Illinois vs Nicholls State

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he specially uses the term “flat triangles” which I heard used for the first time by Sean Miller in a packline clinic. He also talks about letting teams catch the ball now. Interesting.
Brad relying less on pressure and turnovers because he doesn’t need to overcompensate for not having a defensive presence under the basket.
the defense probably won’t create as many turnovers, but should hold teams to a lower fg percentage, and limit Second opportunities.
Alright Illini, let's have a better start this time!

Need to get Ayo going early.
Anyone think this will change during the season?
Yes. I think it's too early to tell how the lineup will shape up. If anything I think you change it up to keep opponents guessing. We seem to have a pretty deep bench and I know the coach preaches.. it's not about who starts but who finishes.
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How can you get Georgi’s last name right and not Kofi’s?
Somehow the radio broadcast via alexa and BTN+ are perfectly in sync. down goes the volume on BTN.
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