Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

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Panama City, Florida
That last play of the half is just not Hill's game...:tsk:

Let TJL initiate something. Plenty of time was remaining.
MH is not a good guy for low shot clock situations. I'm sorry, but he's not good at making snap decisions.

But we're going into halftime with a competitive game! Finish it out, Illini!
We've been in other games at half - the first NU game and Iowa give me hope that we may be able to play two halves
Love Malcolm, but this dribble into a lane full of defenders just isn't productive anymore. Ever. If we're getting 0.5 points per possession on it, I would be surprised.
Will Groce never learn that Hill is not a point guard? We do the same damn thing every time and it always ends the same way. Sounds like the definition of insanity to me
Not open for further replies.