Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

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Don't need a big win here. Would like an easy win, with everyone playing easy minutes.
ILLINOIS is going to Win this game repeat that to myself 100 times before I bet it at -3.5

The Line was 2.0 Illinois the news of Vic Law not playing moved that line a total of 1.5 points.

If there is ever a game Illinois can win right now this game would be it . Think Underwood has these guys fired up and Illinois wins by 11
Winged Warrior
OMG.....Tim Miles just face planted running back to the locker room!!

Nebby only had six scholarship players. Rutgers clearly favored. Let’s hope that doesn’t start a trend. I really want to keep playing after today.
We need an all in mentality. I mean this is win or go home, may not need a big win but I want them to play all out which if they do at their potential this will be a big win naturally, IMO
If someone could shoot that Northwestern girl screaming constantly, that would be much appreciated 😑😑😑
Not open for further replies.