Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

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Hammonds gets away with so many travels. He is so stinking soft!
Los Angeles
Looking at the box score (bc it's all i got...), looks like a total team effort tonight.
Evansville, IN
Is there some rule I don't know about that prevents that from being over-and-back??
northbrook, il
What a difference another rebounder makes. Black is spectaculatr tonght and is making entire team better. Young guys playing great.
His minutes have steadily gone up. Pretty standard trajectory for a freshman. He was a fouling robot about 3 weeks ago.
The refs had a bad perception of Savage. They thought he was a goon, but in reality, he just plays hard.
Great. Ball never touched the floor. Diagonal passes on the press break and a dunk
Not open for further replies.