Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

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And a miss.

That's a crucial sequence there, and it started with Dorsey's stupid incompletion.
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Remember when we were talking about McLaughlin being an NFL kicker in week 1? Good times.
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Just a reminder, Rutgers QB Sitkowski's passing yard totals this year have been 205, 38, 47, 39, 154, 267. Guess who gave up the 267. This was telegraphed last week. We basically give QBs unlimited time to decide who to throw a pass to. Not that I know how to fix it but the answer can't be this.
This is the moment says that they can’t wait for basketball season and then that same person will say they can’t wait for football season and it just keeps going on.....a loop of torture.
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Man, Brohm really letting Blough have it on the sideline...wonder if that approach might work with the Illini once in a while.
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I thought we would at least look like we belong on the field w a so-so Purdue team...not so much
We have defeated three very poor football teams this season. There aren't anymore teams like that on our schedule. I was hoping for 4 wins this season...
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