Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

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I hope Kofi learned from the MSU game and gets a little Shaq or Chris Webber attitude in him down low and uses his mass tonight against Harms andvtrys to dunks as many as he can. I love Kofi but I'd love him more with a little Kenny Battle agression in him at the rim! The thought if that is scary. Go Illini Let's win this.
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Good to get back to SFC .... 75-67 O&B .... ILL!
From your Mizzou post game thread post:
"From here on out, if the magic number is 20, you have to take care of the home court and find 3 on the road ..." obviously MSU wasn't expected to be one of 3 away games we would get,...but it was pretty ugly. Let's get back some confidence tonight....
I hope the magic number isn't 20, because I don't see 11 more wins out of the 17 games left. Hope I'm wrong. The Illini would have to play much better than they have to get 18 wins let alone 20. Losing the Maryland, Miami, and Missouri games really hurt chances to make the tournament.
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I don't care who starts. I hope AG gets more minutes than Damonte.
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Ok....this team is the one we wanted to watch.
Defense has been phenomenal and love AG's effort was rewarded with the triple. Go Illini
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