Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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Doesn't look like Jordan focus is to get any kind of shot off tonight or any night anymore this season. Too bad. I want to see this guy shoot, but it must be authorotative, not wimpy-ish.
Evansville, IN
The orange and blue have attempted almost as many threes as they have total shots. I understand that everyone wants in on the party, but we can afford to take smarter looks.
BU needs to start handling Mark Smith differently. It definitely is not working. He may have already lost him.

Agree. If we had a highlight or low light reel comparing possessions when he is running point to standing in the corner I think it would be remarkable to see the difference in his output. A completely different player. If we are going to stand him in the corner and never kick then it may as well be a walk on.

My solution is he spells TF at the point. Tell TF to go 120% and MS spells him 3-4 times at 3-4 mins.
Just watch Alstork, he is not ready for the ball, he can't create his own shot even against poor defense, and he's not a good passer. He just looks like he's waiting to go back on defense.
i don't like trashing players on the team, but alstork isn't the one consistently missing uncontested threes.
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