Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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Herndon, VA
Well, this is fun. For once, fun. Thank you O&B!! May there be many more of these types of games this season!
Bloomington, IL
It must be frustrating for Smith to go from the top of the high school game to being a complete disappointment this year. He’ll improve, but damn, he is not what we expected him to be. Thankfully...Frazier.

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Not sure how you can call a kid that has started nearly every game as a true freshman a complete disappointment.
Chicago, IL
sighhh..... remember when Jalen Brunson was a hair's width away from committing to us?
Captain 'Paign
Phoenix, AZ
Would be great to break 100. When is the last time we did that in a conference game?
Evansville, IN
The guys can have fun playing a real ball game without getting hung up on what will or won't be said after the game. Not saying that they all have, but I'm sure that creeps in during a losing streak.

Only eight players have scored. Only five have taken more than one shot. With ten minutes left, I think it's time for some constructive fun.

Edit: Freeman fouled out while I was typing that. What a train wreck for Rutgers.
Austin, Tx
Was Deron Williams asleep when they cut to him? Looked like his eyes were closed.
Winged Warrior
Hahaha, Poor Mark S.....just keep working kid!
Herndon, VA
And still over 9 minutes left in this game up by 40. How to coach this....?
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