Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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Feels like this game is heading for the under (143.5). These feelings are likely impacted by me watching these other B1G games.
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Against MSU, I noticed Feliz on defense -- and now today, Trent -- frequently straight-arming or putting forearms into the ball handler to preempt a first step or slow them down. Honest question: why aren't those called fouls? Refs are looking right at it and not making a call, so it seems likely there's something I'm not following … Is this the guard equivalent of fairly battling for position?
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I could be projecting on TF, but I've had a sense that he may be slightly - slightly - sensitive to all the attention Ayo has been getting.
Interesting you say that, I'm curious why as I haven't picked up on that. I remember he said several weeks ago in an interview that Ayo was his best friend.

That comment reminded me how incredibly cool it was that Dee would wear Deron's jersey around campus.
Watching B10 Elite pregame....It still hurts/ pisses me off to watch the highlights of the 2005 national championship game. F Roy Williams, F UNC
Yeah, Sean May got away with murder, dropping that beefy shoulder all the time. But Illini only made 12 of 40 3-pointers, I just read.

Switching between Pebble Beach and game. Replay is at midnight.

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