Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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As we have in so many games this year, we are shooting poorly and getting outrebounded. The turnovers that we turned into points is what's keeping us in this game.
A team that’s shoots 30% in the first half shot 45%

When the pressure D doesn’t work it gives opponents so many wide open looks and shots right at the basket.
Better make some adjustments defensively. Got to force these guys into tougher shots.
RU played well, shot very well. Thought we played well until the last four minutes where our defense broke down as did defensive rebounding. (Guessing that’s why we saw Tyler - an attempt to get the defense reset in the right places).

We’ve shown a lot of heart lately, just need to show it coming out of the locker room and I think we’re fine.

I hope.
So long as we beat Rutgers today (lol), I think I might start rooting for them in general. I think they are maybe one zippy guard away from being really fun team.
When I read this at first I thought “Why LOL”... we are not in a different category from RU this year. They really turned it on right after this post.

What I’m saying is... the “lol” in your post is clearly 100% to blame for our halftime deficit.
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man we really ripping on TU again. it's not like he's any worse at boxing out then the entire team right now. They're also shooting 55% and we're angry at coach for wanting to try another look for 2 minutes,
First half is pretty predictable given all inputs to this point. Too much reverting to early season form after a hot start. Expect another level of intensity in second half and the crowd will have much to do with it.

On another note, can anyone tell us when was the last time the Illini had two frosh starters avg. 28 a game in tandem in B1G play? 25.4 for the season? Whiz kids? Likely never.
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Maybe, but we can't be complacent either. Rutgers is a tough, physical team and they're not gonna back down.

This second half is a big test of character for our guys
They already passed the character test. This is just a pop quiz.
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