Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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How long are the Illini going to allow Rutgers to drive the lane with impunity? is by far the most effective way to play against an overplay passing lane defense. Hope you heard Cuonzo emphatically tell his players to drive it every which point Mizzou took control of the game by doing just that. All the coaches ask their teams to do the same against the Illini. It takes a lot of expended energy to overcome that strategy...and so far the Illini are coming up short.
Rutgers shooting 56% so far. That seems about par for Illini defense this season and pretty much explains why there will be no post season play.
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When I read this at first I thought “Why LOL”... we are not in a different category from RU this year. They really turned it on right after this post.

What I’m saying is... the “lol” in your post is clearly 100% to blame for our halftime deficit.
Oops, sorry 'bout that (again, lol). Originally, my lol was just in the sense that I don't really root for anyone but IL, and - although there are plenty of decent teams out there (and I knew Rutgers was decent this year) -- I'm not sure how many of them have the look of balance and character the Rutgers looks like it has to me today …

Note: I just went out in the garage and sacrificed a chicken to remove the voodoo from that earlier lol ….
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