Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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A guy was wide open on the tip play, too. We better get tighter coverage fast. I don’t like Rutgers scoring...
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Rutgers has 14 total points against conference opponents all year.

And the least amount that any opponent has scored against them is 30.

So, yeah, let's not do this nail biter thing, ok?
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Welp, to all those folks on here that thought this would be an absolute walk in the park, that’s why you play the games.

Hopefully we can get it in gear and still win by a couple of scores, but when a team feels like they can win, and gains confidence, they are dangerous.

See our win against Wisky for a perfect example.
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Let's get a score here, force a turnover on their next possession, and start to pull away.
Coach wants to run it down their throat. I get it. But maybe play action on first down sometimes might loosen that box up a bit?
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