Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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Welp, flight cancelled! No worky! Thanks Isaiah!

I just don't have a good feeling about this one. I think Rutgers is an outstanding basketball team, but fans are looking at the front of the uniform and figuring that it's Rutgers, we'll be fine. We've won games vs then, but they all been tight. This would be a massive win. Harper Jr. is a guy that's a matchup nightmare for us(and most teams). This is going to come down to free throw shooting, getting stops and playmaking at the end.

This could all be a case of Illini-itus for me though.

Being positive:

Good Guys. 73
Rutgers. 71
Really think McConnell is the key to this game, Baker is out, Harper will force alot of things imo, plus I think Kipper can keep up with him hopefully as well as Giorgi on inside if needed. McConnell is our matchup issue when Griffin is not in the game. He will be to quick for Williams, Ayo could check him as well.

Rutgers 58
I just don't have a good feeling about this one.
Why would you? We've followed up most wins with a serious lack of energy.

We've been wildly inconsistent, but I like that these guys are learning how to be more consistent. I really hope BU has them hungry and ready to play --this could be another Q1 win [crossing fingers].

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I like how we have played last 2 games. If we play with that energy we win this game. The piece to remember here is Rutgers has one true road win @ Nebraska. This ain't Nebraska

ILL- 68
Rutgers- 58
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I think Illinois wins by 15 or better today... We ready mentally I think... we want the tournament this year and they know every game matters....
Rutgers is very much improved and won six in a row. That being said the only road W is vs Nebraska. We need to win this one and i expect us to win especailly with them being without Baker. 80-69 Go Illini
Isnt this the team GB went off against last year? i hope we get him some looks after how he tore them up last year. Kofi should go off too. LEts hit our FTs
Lets get it done today boys. GO ILLINI!
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Kofi hasn't found his hands this morning.
The missed bunnies is infuriating. That's been a common theme all year long. Kofi with a missed stuff and GB with a missed layup. Those aggregate and hurt.
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Giorgi making terrible decisions with the ball right now.
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