Game Thread: Illinois vs Rutgers

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Winged Warrior
Lmao....own goal....perfect in this game.
We suck at adjusting our half court offense in draughts. Seems we always turn momentum when we run. I dont understand why we dont play to this strength more.....transition offense.
DC Area
Good job by the guards the last few mins. They need to take over
Winged Warrior
Ayo gotta take this offense over with that pull up J.
Oswego, IL
I actually thought the refs are letting them play this game which I like. I think it’s been a pretty fair called game. We just can’t execute. A lot of terrible shots
Refs haven't been an issue at all.
here's to us and those like us
Wichita, KS
This has been one ugly game for sure!!
St. Louis
Kipper has to have the worst basketball IQ of Illinois players in the past 20 years
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