Game Thread: Illinois vs UNLV

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not at all a fan of taking the foot off the gas - really hate this run clock strategy
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We certainly have a great Prevent Offense. Quit playing scared and attack!
Well, you have to know w a four point lead, you don’t take THAT shot, you run clock
Last time out Underwood said he wanted Trent to have the ball, they aren’t giving it to him, that’s why he’s pissed.

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The lack of having quality guardplay is what hampers this team at the end of games. Bad clock management, bad shot selection, nobody really wants or demands the ball....

This game should have been won 5 game minutes ago.

If I'm Underwood, I'm flipping out too.
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I was really hoping with Underwood's style we would stop seeing this type of garbage at the end of games that defined the John Groce era.
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