Game Thread: Illinois vs Wisconsin

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Morris, IL
What is the safety doing standing in the end zone and letting the receiver come to him? Must be one of our new defensive wrinkles.
I’m done with this defense. Standing around watching the QB in pass coverage, playing 15 yards deep on 3 and 7, showing the same “blitzes” each time to then have those LBs drop into covering no one. This has got to be the easiest defense to scout for an OC. I’m almost hoping for a loss to Rutgers to guarantee Lovie being gone.
Herndon, VA
Pretty typical non-defense so far.
Let's see what the offense brings...
Morris, IL
On the Wisky TD replay, 2 of the 3 receivers left side were so wide open, I could have thrown a touchdown. Next year let's wear black uniforms for Homecoming..…'s always like a funeral.
Morris, IL
Special teams our only bright spot. On the other hand, it'll probably mean 99 yards for the Wisky offense.
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peters can not handle a blitz to save his life
He is just not a quick thinker - seeing what they showed - he had 20 yards off the right side and might still be running. Football 101 - you can not stand in the pocket on a deep drop and think you're going to beat a blitz like that. How long do you have to be around the game to understand basics like that.
This team looks like deer in the headlights. No adjustments on offense, I feel bad for these players. They don’t look like they are coached well at all.
Morris, IL
OK Defense. Nice job. Now let's capitalize Offense.
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