Georgetown 88, Illinois 80 POSTGAME

Several good things, but losses still SUCK. Man, I hate losing.

Shouldn't be losing these games at home against teams like Georgetown.
Winged Warrior
Bigger picture........ it sucks to lose this game, but I sure hope this doesn't stick in Kipper's head. If we don't get him consistent and making smarter plays, this team won't win more than 4 games in the B1G.
Early season observation: Never pass the ball to de la Rosa. He only gets the ball if he has an offensive rebound. We are up 4 and Kipper defers, we pass the ball to de la Rosa and he painfully travels. That was a big possession.
Team played well without a serious serious spoke in our wheel...Frazier out hurts, gameplan changes on very short notice. Players stepped up, however, mental lapses/free throws missed/over penetrations killed us in last 5 minutes. Young players make mistakes, the team is still so much more fun to watch than last years team hands down.

We will lose, we will win, very similiar record to last year overall, but man think about the possibilities with this team come conference season, with this schedule and the seasoning they should hell we got a recruit today that we needed!

All in all a loss is a loss, but it might not be Friday, but it was a good day!
Didn't get to see a whole lot, but it sounded like Georgetown was getting whatever they wanted around the basket (at least the stretch I heard at the beginning of the 2nd half). Is that a fair assessment of our defense tonight?