Georgetown 88, Illinois 80 POSTGAME

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It's bothering me that we're the only Big 10 team to lose in this "challenge". I don't want Illinois vs Georgetown to be the footnote to the one game the Big East won.

Yes, it's petty, but still....
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One glaring thing about the stat sheet was Ayo's. One rebound for a 6-5 guard is not good. Needs to rebound the ball more next time, and the same goes for DaMonte. Williams has a knack for grabbing boards, but grabbed none during the game. Let's hope both crash the glass in the upcoming game against Gonzaga.
Besides the pressure D allowing for open players, Illinois had a hard time staying in front. Damonte and Feliz are good lateral defenders. Ayo and Griffin struggle at times, allowing their man to beat them.

If you want to find blame, I say the open 3s we missed and getting beat off the dribble. Trent is worth about 10 pts minimum. Really missed his speed and shooting.
Agree. Georgetown is not a good team and we got beat off the dribble all night. Griffin was way late, Ayo got beat off the dribble as did Feliz. Tough to see. However, I still have faith that Underwood knows what he is doing. Georgi was so impressive.
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One more........Trent is extremely undervalued. See JE at OSU in BU's year there. That is the comparable value of Trent. With Trent, we beat GU. Without, this happens. Hopefully we have Trent at 100% the rest of the season.
Georgi was +5, everyone else negative DaW 13, Ayo 8, Adonis 8, Alan 5, Kipper 4, Tev 3, etc. Actually these numbers don't reflect my impressions from watching. They don't account for combinations. We all think DaW had a good game but has the worst score by this stat.
+/- is the most useless stat in basketball.
Kipper had a solid game by the numbers. He was our second leading scorers with 13 points, had 5 rebounds, 5 assist. Almost identical to Andre Feliz. Slightly better points and rebounds than Damonte and Giorgi. Somehow these players played great (they did) and somehow Kipper is shade-bait.

Agree he had one bad hustle play, 1-2 airballs but overall represented the team well. Just wasn't a great game for him.
I think the problem Kipper needs to overcome is fading away at times in a game. Needs consistent attention to details. When he does that he is really good and should help this team a lot.