Giorgi Bezhanishvili, Ayo Dosunmu B1G Players of the Week

The odds of Giorgi winning a BIG Freshman of the week before the season were probably in the 200/1 range. BIG Player of the week?...well that’s a massive payout for whoever took that one.
If they bet a beach house, do they get the gulf coast of Florida?
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.4 percent is still in it kids
Ah, yeah....but I think we were very good in the early 1900s as well. Ralph Jones who coached from 1912 to 1920 had a .674 B1G winning % and .714 overall winning % with 2 B1G titles and a National Championship.
Then those are the throwback jerseys we should be wearing... what is the staff thinking?
Y'know, there are some guys who can work on a thing a million times in practice but just can't execute in game situations, and then there are guys like Giorgi who just *get* the physics of big man play so instinctively that basically everything they try works.

Which isn't to say he hasn't had the occasional awkward stumbling too-much play where you go "what the heck was that?". He has, and he'll continue to. But he's so self-assured and so fearless that he just keeps throwing the kitchen sink out there. Kaleb Wesson is really good and a superior athlete, but he just didn't know what to do with a lot of what Giorgi was throwing at him.

(He also gets away with hooks all the time. We need to hope B1G refs don't figure that out)
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(He also gets away with hooks all the time. We need to hope B1G refs don't figure that out)
There was good analysis of that last night. commentator commended Giorgi on his use of the chicken wing. I had your same thought.
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Right, but that's like the very very back end of the spectrum. The polar opposite of my August 31st. Giorgi was born in November so that would put him at slightly older than than the average Sophomore. Not that important of a point though haha.
The other thing that happens is that American schools often give a test to foreign students when they first enroll in the US, and kids are often set-back a year (or even two sometimes) solely based on their skills in understanding, reading, writing and speaking in English. I'm a grandpa to a couple of kids of foreign origin, and when they arrived here for schooling, this happened to them. Regardless of the ESL classes that they have taken, their skills in being able to understand the teacher, and respond to questions is often not as advanced as the average American kid... I don't know that this happened to Giorgi, I'm just saying that this happens, and it happens alot....
Simply amazing young man and family, next time you want to whine about your lot in life, watch this over and over again....or better yet refrain from betting your imaginary beach houses...I will always root for Giorgi B, our next Augie, our first Giorgi, love watching this kid play, smile.laugh and represent our school...the way your supposed to do it..
Back-to-back B1G Freshman of the Week awards for Ayo Dosunmu
Freshman of the Week Ayo Dosunmu, Illinois

Scored 15 points, grabbed four rebounds and handed out three assists as Illinois won at Ohio State for the first time since 2009
Illinois has won four games in a row, the longest active win streak in the Big Ten, with Dosunmu scoring in double-figures in all four wins
Scored nine of the Illini’s final 15 points including a clutch 3-pointer with 29 seconds left in the game in Columbus
Ranks second among freshmen in scoring in conference games (15.1 ppg)
Earns his second Freshman of the Week honor in as many weeks
Last Illinois Freshman of the Week: Ayo Dosunmu (Feb. 11, 2019)
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I would believe that with Illinois trending up and IU trending down, that Ayo is about neck and neck with Langford for FOY at this point.
Langford and Brazdeikis have both been named Freshman of the Week four times. They shared the honor in one of those weeks.